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Trade with our money and stop worrying about loses!
We take all the risks.

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Get money from us

Go through two stages of testing and start making real money.

Your trading style is completely up to you, we do not impose any restrictions on the instruments or the size of the positions that you trade.
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You have successfully passed the test.
$100 000
Initial Capital

It's simple


Choose initial capital

We provide a choice of three seed capital packages. All packages have the same testing conditions.

Pass the testing stage

Before you start trading our capital, we need to be sure that you can trade responsibly and properly manage risk. This will require a test phase, which can be completed in 14 trading days.

Start earning

Once you pass Testing and Verification stages, you will become a Nefitra Trader. Now you can start making real money with the profit of up to 80%. The only thing a trader should be careful about is the maximum loss, maximum daily loss and minimum number of trading days.

Why choose

Access to Large Capital
By managing large capital, you gain the opportunity to quickly grow your trading account and earn much higher profits. In the Nefitra project, you can manage up to $100,000 in capital.
Trade Without Losses
Trade with our money and eliminate the fear of losing your savings. You will not be held responsible for any losses. If something goes wrong, our company covers all losses. You can't be afraid of losing when you literally have nothing to lose.
Your high performance and discipline is our priority

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Most Innovative Forex Broker 2021
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Become a Nefitra Trader!

We will refund your entry fee!
The participation fee covers everything, including verification. Moreover, the fee you paid will be returned to you upon the first withdrawal of profits from your NEFITRA account! The cost of participation is necessary to create your accounts, monitor tests and provide you with training materials, including signals from our partners. Read more in the FAQ section. We do not charge any additional or hidden fees.
$10 000
Initial Capital
Price $49
No monthly payment
We will refund your payment Receive
$50 000
Initial Capital
Price $99
No monthly payment
We will refund your payment Receive
$100 000
Initial Capital
Price $199
No monthly payment
We will refund your payment Receive

Payout system

The payout ratio for all Nefitra traders is 50:50. Thus, all the profit on the account is shared equally between the trader and the project. Traders can request a withdrawal of their share of the profit to their personal InstaForex account at any time. For more details on how to withdraw funds from your InstaForex personal account, visit the link: https://secure.instaforex.com/en/withdrawals

Trading platform

You can trade on the most popular platforms - MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 4-Mobile, as well as on the Web terminal and the InstaTrade platform.

About Nefitra

>1 200
active traders
>$ 33 000 000
Annual profit of Nefitra traders
39 Countries
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