General issues

What is NEFITRA?
NEFITRA is a project aimed at finding and developing successful traders. To determine if a trader has all the necessary qualities, we developed a two-stage assessment course. These two steps consist of a Test and a Check. The course is specially created in order to reveal your trading talent. The path of the trader is complicated, and our educational applications will be able to help you. After successful completion of the audit, traders are invited to collaborate in a team at NEFITRA, where they can remotely manage the company's accounts. As a NEFITRA Trader, you have the right to retain 50% -80% of the profit that you generate during the time of cooperation with us. Our company covers all losses, if any.
How to start?
Before you decide to take on a challenge, we want to make sure you know what you are facing. You need to register to start the testing process. When you're ready to take the challenge, you can set up an account here or in your front end. Please note that you cannot receive our funding based on your results from other external reports. Our appraisal process is designed to provide us with a reasonable basis for determining your trading skills and to enable you to trade our capital.
Is NEFITRA a serious project?
Of course. We have been successfully working since 2017. We strive to maintain our leading position as an industry leader in finding and financing good traders. We know that reputation is the most valuable aspect of this business.
Who can join NEFITRA?
We are open to traders from all over the world. If you know how to trade well, that’s all that interests us. If you do not know how to trade, but you have a desire to learn, join us and we will teach you!
Why do you think that it will be interesting to me?
As a trader, you come across many common problems, such as: • Trading on too small an account (insufficient capitalization) • Fear of losing your own money • Psychological stress • Lack of discipline • Growth Limitations • Lack of support from other people We focus our efforts on the needs and the values of our customers. - Your high performance and discipline is our priority Discipline is a prerequisite in trading. Our risk management policies encourage trader discipline by clearly defining trading targets. -Solve the problems of trading with a small account value By getting more capital under management you get the convenience of advanced trade management styles and the psychological relief from trading a small account volumes. -Apps to improve your trading performance We support our trader performance by providing unique analytical tools and personalised feedback in the form of an analytical assessment of each trading account. Safe trading Start trading with our money and stop worrying about losing your savings. Your high performance and discipline is our priority Applications and tools to improve your trading results. We support our trader performance by providing unique analytical tools and personalised feedback in the form of an analytical assessment of each trading account.

Financing process

How do I become a NEFITRA trader?
To become a NEFITRA trader and earn 50% -80% of profits, you need to go through our two-stage evaluation process. Step 1: Testing Within 30 calendar days on a demo account, where you will have to trade according to our rules. Choose your preferred broker and platform. If you succeed in fulfilling all the requirements, you will proceed to the second and final stage of the assessment. Step 2: Verification After 30 calendar days, on a demo account, where you can check your performance and stability for the last time. For a detailed explanation of the rules, please visit the Trading Goals page. Please note that we do not finance a single trader based on his past.
How long does it take to become a NEFITRA trader?
The minimum requirement for passing the Testing phase is to trade at least 10 trading days. The minimum requirement for passing the Confirmation is also to trade at least 10 trading days. You do not need to wait for the entire duration of the evaluation process. In general, you can receive financing in 20 trading days.
I successfully completed the Testing phase, what now?
After you have completed all the trading tasks in the test, you can contact us at or through our chat, which can be found on the website Then our company will begin to evaluate your trading results, we will send you new credentials to enter the system at the verification stage. This process may take 1-2 business days.
If I fail, will I have a second chance?
If you violate any Trading goals, this will lead to the account being marked as failed, and this particular account will lose the right to finance in the NEFITRA project. You can always try again from scratch and order a new call if you want to become our NEFITRA trader. Please note that we do not offer rebate discounts. If you violate the Trading Purpose, your initial contribution paid for the Competition will be canceled, so follow the rules. However, there is one exception. If you succeed in not violating any Trading goals and your final account balance is positive at the end of the trading period, you will receive a new call for free. We know that sometimes market conditions are not in the trader's favor, and we value your good trading and the ability to properly manage risks.


Step 1 - Testing
Testing Demonstrate us your trading skill
We offer a 30 day demo trading account for you to demonstrate your discipline in achieving your money and risk management targets. The trading style is your choice entirely. No strings attached: we place no restrictions as to the instruments you trade or the size of positions you take.
PS .: You do not need to use the entire duration of 30 days. Once all the trading tasks of the Test are completed, you can start trading at the verification stage. The minimum time to complete the Testing is 10 trading days.

The following are the trading objectives for Testing:

Trading period 30 days
Minimum trading days 10
Positive days 50%
Maximum daily loss of 5%
Maximum loss 10%
Target profit 10%
Step 2 - Verification
Validation Validate your performance and become a Nefitra trader. Validation is necessary to get that final seal of approval to make sure you do have a reliable and sustainable trading strategy. The difference between Testing and Validation trading goals is the profit and duration target. Profit target is reduced by 50% and the trading duration is extended up to 30 days. PS: You do not need to use the entire duration of 30 days. As soon as you succeed for all trading purposes, we will be glad to welcome you among our funded NEFITRA traders. No more waiting! Below are the trading goals to verify: Trading period 30 days Minimum trading days 10 Positive days 50% Maximum daily loss of 5% Maximum loss 10% Target profit 5%
You are a Nefitra Trader now. You become a Nefitra trader the moment you reach your testing and validation targets. Now you can start making real money. There are only three rules you must follow now: the maximum daily loss , the maximum loss and the minimum number of trading days. These three rules are protected by our proprietary software. We no longer require you to achieve profit or any other trading goals. Minimum trading days 10 per month Maximum daily loss of 5% Maximum loss 10% Profit Split 50% -80% for the trader.

Trading Goals

Goal: Minimum Trading Days
o meet this goal, you must trade at least 10 days during the testing period. At least one position must be opened on each of these days. A trading day is the day on which at least one transaction is traded. If a trade takes several days to complete, the trading day is considered the day upon which the transaction is closed.
Goal: Positive days
You must achieve at least a 50% positive days ratio compared to the number of negative days, where a positive day is the day upon which an account balance value at 23:59:59 CEST is greater than on the same day at 0:00:01 CEST.
Goal: Maximum daily loss
This rule can also be called the “trader’s daily stop loss." According to our rules, it is set at 5% of the initial cost of capital. The rule states that at any time of the day the total value of all closed positions and current open floating P / L (profit /loss) should not exceed the daily loss limit. Calculation formula: Current daily loss = value of closed positions on a given day + value of open positions For example, if your initial capital is $100,000, then the maximum daily loss shall be $ 5,000. If you lose $ 4,000 on your closed trades, your account value should not fall by more than $ 1,000 on that day. Your open floating losses should also not exceed $ 1,000. The limit includes commissions and swaps. Conversely, if you make $4,000 in profit in one day, you can afford to lose $ 9,000, but not more than that. Again, your maximum daily loss also includes your open trades. For example, if on a particular day you closed some trades with a total loss of $ 4,000, and then later opened a new trade with a floating loss of $ 1,200, but in the end turned out to be net positive, then at a point in time the sum of all losing and winning trades gives you a drawdown of 200 $. Thus, your daily loss value is 5200 dollars, which is more than the maximum allowed loss of $ 5000. Be careful, the maximum daily loss value is reset at midnight (24:00 CEST)! Let's say you once made a profit of $ 6,000. On the same day, you have an open position with a floating loss of $ 8,000. I.e. on this day you did not exceed the maximum daily loss value. The current daily loss is $ 2,000. ($ 6,000 closed profit; $ 8,000 open position). However, if you keep holding this position with an open loss of $ 8,000 beyond midnight, it will exceed the daily loss limit. This is because your profit from the previous day does not roll over to the next day and the open loss of $ 8,000 will naturally exceed the maximum allowed daily loss value of $ 5,000. The maximum daily loss gives the trader enough room to trade on the one hand, and guarantees a well-defined daily risk profile for the investor on the other hand. Both the trader and the investor benefit from this rule, since the account value will not fall below the limit.
Goal: Maximum loss
This rule can also be called the “Account stop loss ”. Trading account equity should not at any time during a 30-day period fall below 90% of the its initial value. For $ 100,000 deposit account this means that the lowest possible funds value can be $ 90,000. Again, this is the sum of both closed and open positions (the account equity, not the balance). The logic behind the calculation is the same as for the maximum daily loss. The only difference being that it is not limited to one day, but instead covers the entire duration of the testing period. The limit includes commissions and swaps. 10% of the initial capital gives the trader enough space to prove that his / her account is suitable for investments. This is the capital buffer that should help keep the trader in the game, even if there were some initial losses. The investor is therefore confident that the trader’s account shall not fall below 90% of its value under any circumstances.
Goal: Profit
Profit target is set at 10% of the initial balance. Profit target means that the trader’s profit should be at least 10% of the initial account value based on the sum of closed positions for that particular trading account after 30 calendar days. Also, at the end of the trading period, all positions should be closed. For example: if you trade with a capital of $ 100,000, your profit target is $ 10,000.


What tools can I trade and what strategies can I use?
Your trading style is completely up to you. We have no reason to limit your trading strategy, whether it be discretionary trading, hedging, algorithmic trading, advisers, etc. We do not even impose any restrictions on the instruments or sizes of the positions that you trade. You can trade all the instruments and assets that the broker offers, where you trade at the Testing or Verification stage. We give you complete freedom of action. If your system is profitable and you do not break the rules, we will be glad to see you in our team!
Can i trade news?
You can trade news.
Do I need to close my positions at night?
There is no need. In Testing or Verification, you can keep your positions open both at night and on weekends. However, on the NEFITRA savings (real trading) account, we require that you close your positions immediately before the weekend markets close. In other words, close the entire opening position on Friday night. Our NEFITRA-funded traders must respect the timing of the market. For example, if you trade indices (S&P, DOW, FTSE, DAX, ...) on a NEFITRA savings account, we require that you close your positions immediately before closing these specific markets on a daily basis. However, most brokers quote these indices 24/5, so you need to calculate the close just before the weekend. If there is a one-night carryover up to one hour on any instrument, then everything is in order if your positions are open; that is, you do not need to close your deals just because of this overnight transfer. To find out about the exchange hours, you can check the specification of the instrument on the broker's website, where you trade your account or you can find this information directly in your MetaTrader platform. When you open the market overview (Ctrl + M), right-click on the tool you are interested in and select “Specification”. In the dialog box, scroll down and you can see the trading hours of this particular instrument. If you trade cryptocurrencies, then our broker allows you to trade them on weekends.
How long can I wait before proceeding with transactions on my account?
After payment and receipt of the invoice, before you start trading, you will have 14 calendar days. If after a period of 14 calendar days the user does not start trading, this account will be irrevocably blocked.
What will happen to my account if I have been idle for a long time?
If the user is inactive for 90 days, the account will be blocked.
How big will my capital be for work?
NEFITRA Trader will have the same amount of capital as at the time of Testing and Verification. If you are successful and stable in the long run, capital can be increased in accordance with our scaling plan.
Do I have to tax my income?
Do I have to tax my income? After we sign the contract, you can receive from 50% to 80% of your profit. You will need to independently regulate taxes in accordance with the laws of your country.
How can I take my profit?
Profit calculation is carried out on a monthly basis, that is, every 30th day from the first transaction on the account. For example, if a trader starts trading on May 11, the profit sharing takes place on June 11. Your current Profit Split day will be displayed in your account, and we will contact you by email with the details of the account. Payments are processed within 1-2 business days after receiving the invoice. You can make your profit using the usual bank transfer, PayPal or other specified methods. We do not charge a withdrawal fee. You do not need to earn a minimum profit in order to make a profit. Regardless of the amount of profit, we will pay you from 50% to 80%! If you prefer to leave your divided income in the account in order to increase it and, accordingly, increase your balance and drawdown buffer, you can do this. However, please note that we will always withdraw 20% - 50% (company profit depending on our agreement) of profit.
What does account management look like on the technical side?
Account management is carried out through our corporate active account, with real capital. Your profit will always depend on the results that you get in your account. Please beware of transactions that would not be possible on demo accounts. For example, some brokers can execute orders at non-market prices on demo accounts, which can be used to generate risk-free, stable profit only on demo accounts. However, this method does not work on real accounts and therefore cannot be taken into account for real profit. Similarly, profits will not extend to unauthorized positions in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.
What is the legal relationship between a trader and a NEFITRA project when managing an account?
The relationship between the trader and our project is based on a contract agreement that we will send you for signature after you pass the Testing and verification. The contract is a legally binding document. If you are interested in a sample contract, contact us at

Platforms and Brokers

What brokers do you work with?
Today we cooperate with one of the market leaders - brokerage company INSTAFOREX. Our traders have a huge selection of trading accounts and variations for trading.
What platforms can I use for my trading?
You can trade your accounts on the most popular platform - MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, IFXBIT and Web Trader.
Can I change my platform during the evaluation?
Yes, if you are not satisfied with your current platform, you can request a platform change after each step. Therefore, you can request a platform change after Testing or verification, or after each payment cycle in the NEFITRA savings account. Changing a broker, type of account or platform is not possible during your trading as a NEFITRA trader.
What are the characteristics of the account?
Your account will have a specification in accordance with the terms of the broker that you have chosen for your competition. Please read the offer and terms of the broker. You can also find all the necessary information on our website. The following is the leverage that you will have with our individual brokers. Leverage cannot be higher than 1:30, but can be changed on request.

Orders and Billing

Are there any other fees? Are fees periodic?
No, we do not charge any additional or hidden fees. The participation fee covers everything, including verification. Moreover, your commission will be returned to you upon the first withdrawal of profits from your NEFITRA account!
How can I apply for participation in the project?
You can apply for participation in the contest by setting the parameters of your account on our website in the appropriate section. After sending the order form, you will be redirected to the payment page, and you will also receive an email with the order confirmation.
How many accounts can I have?
We do not limit our traders in opportunities. Almost everything depends on the success of the trader. If a trader proves his competence and professionalism, then we can accordingly provide access to more trading accounts. If you want to combine successfully completed evaluation accounts into one main account funded by NEFITRA, we can do this upon request.
What payment methods are available?
You can pay for your participation by bank transfer, debit / credit card, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, e-Money or in the possible ways that are available in your country.
I paid for my participation. When will I get access to the trading account?
We will begin to process your account as soon as we receive the payment. If we receive your payment during business hours, we will process your request within a few hours. If we receive your payment during our night or weekend, we will process your account the next morning when our office opens, or on Monday in case you pay on weekends. If you paid by bank transfer, you can send us a payment confirmation to expedite the process. You will receive your login credentials by email, so please keep an eye on your inbox, including spam and junk mail folders.
Why are your services paid?
The fee basically serves as the obligation of the trader to treat the account with the utmost care and responsibility. The trader has something in the game, and psychology works here. In addition, the commission is only a small percentage compared to the size of the bill that you receive from us. In other words, payment is the key to a NEFITRA savings account and gaining financial independence. The good news is that you cannot lose more than this fee, as potential losses are covered by us. In addition, the commission is always returned to the trader with his / her first withdrawal of profit from the NEFITRA account. The fee also covers the development of all our unique applications and paid subscriptions for valuable information! Another purpose of the collection is to filter out only serious traders from those who just keep trying. We are looking for profitable traders, and our capabilities and resources are limited. We simply cannot serve all traders, and therefore we only accept those who are serious, devoted and responsible. Our financing program is a highly appreciated service that we offer, and therefore it has an adequate price.

Applications and other services

What is “Trading in the real market"?
This term is included in our Terms and Conditions, as well as in the contract with a funded trader. Trading should be legal, and traders should not use methods that are contrary to the functioning of the real market. What exactly does this mean, and some examples of these methods can be found in this article.
Besides financing, do you provide any other value to traders?
Of course! All of us at NEFITRA are also traders, and we know the needs of our customers based on our own experience. We are constantly developing new features, tools, applications and educational content for our traders. We provide traders with invaluable information accumulated over many years of trading. Experience, that is, practice - that is what we value and willingly share with you! Below are some of the highlights that make us proud of what we do: • Statica - A statistical application will show you significant and digit-based probabilities of market behavior that you can take advantage of. • Remind is a unique application that helps traders achieve better results by strengthening their discipline. • Trade Note - Archiving trading results is not one of the favorite activities of most traders, but it is part of our trading analysis. • Account is an innovative and unique web application in which you can track your progress in becoming a NEFITRA trader. • Analyse - When we decided to create this project, we knew that we should offer our traders an unbiased look at their trading results. • Stock simulator - improve risk management and calculate your probabilities and chances based on current trading results. Available in your account. • News materials from the most elite and prestigious publications. • Analytics from traders who have vast experience. • Copying transactions of our asset managers (in development). • A personal advisor “Algorithm on Artificial Intelligence”, who will advise and give you recommendations in making decisions (in development)! All this and the rest, you get for a symbolically low price! Even after a trader or student decides to postpone participation or wants to start trying our service, he will have access to all this information, as well as analytical and trading tools for another 90 calendar days! After the expiration of the 90 day period, the user account is deleted and for its restoration it is enough to purchase one or another service again.
Can you help with the psychology of trading?
Of course. We know very well that the psychology of a trader can be a serious obstacle for many traders. We also experienced such things as excessive trading, revenge trading, greed, FOMO, etc. They say that 80% of the success in trading is devoted to the correct state of mind, controlled emotions and psychological stability. That is why we work with an educated psychologist and offer her services to all our traders. More information and a contact form can be found at this link.
Why and how can NEFITRA help me?
We well know the sphere of influence and trade. It took us some time and research to adapt and optimize the best conditions of the financing process for our clients. Our main goal is that our traders have the best chance of success. Simply put, if our traders are profitable, so will we. It makes sense to support our traders, giving them the freedom to trade without any restrictions and offer them a choice of brokers, types of accounts and leverage that no one else does. Click here to see the highlights of what makes us an industry leader.
What makes you special?
● One-time fee (no recurring or other fees). ● We cashback the fee upon the first profit withdrawal. ● No restrictions on your trading style. ● No restrictions on your trading volume. ● No restrictions on traded instruments (Forex, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks) ● Elite Subscriptions. ● Tips from fund managers. ● Tips and signals from successful traders. ● Access to our trading apps. ● Comprehensive account analysis. ● Best trading terms. ● Wide choice of brokers for Testing (coming up). ● Wide choice of trading platforms (MT4, MT5, WebTrader, cTrader, etc coming up ) ● Copying transactions of our asset managers (in development). ● A personal advisor “Algorithm on Artificial Intelligence”, who will advise and give you recommendations in making decisions (in development)! ● Referral program (in development). ● Bonus program. ● "Smart" discount system.