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Nefitra Project

We are a young team from a European country of Estonia. Our team consists of professional traders with more than 10 years of experience on the market, BigData analytics, psychologists, lawyers, software developers as well as enthusiasts, excited about new technologies and an alternative approach to studying and analysing the market. We have accumulated tremendous experience in this industry and now we are looking forward to sharing it with you. Join us and become part of our team! Join now!

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Our services

We can help with finding information for you. Among our traders and partners, there are also those who can correctly understand the issue and present the necessary information. We all appreciate the time, both ours and yours, respectively, the training material is short and contains.

Our Team

All members of the team works united on every project of the company.
We have gathered the best professionals in our team.
CEO, founder
Trader and analyst with over a decade of experience in the Futures, Commodities, Forex and Cryptocurrency markets. Blockchain enthusiast. Entrepreneur since 2015.
IT specialist with 10 years of experience, CEO of digital agency spacety.ru, organizer of international conferences.
Networker, blockchain technology specialist with 7 years of experience, founder of uptowin.pw, organizer of international conferences.
Marketer and community manager. More than 10 years in digital marketing and about 3 years in projects related to trading and the crypto market.
Other team members

Why choose

We focus our efforts on the needs and the values of our clients.
Your high performance and discipline is our priority. Discipline is a prerequisite in trading. Our risk management policies encourage trader discipline by clearly defining trading targets.
Solve the problems of trading with a small account volume
By getting more capital in your management you get the convenience of advanced trade management styles and the psychological relief from trading a small account volumes.
Safe trading
Start trading with our money and stop worrying about losing your savings.
Your high performance and discipline is our priority
Applications and tools to improve your trading results.
We support our trader performance by providing unique analytical tools and personalised feedback in the form of an analytical assessment of each trading account.

Below are the highlights that place us far above our competition:

One-time fee (no recurring or other fees)
We refund the commission on the first withdrawal of profits.
There are no restrictions on your trading style.
Referral program for partners.
There are no restrictions on the volume of your trade.
There are no restrictions on traded instruments (Forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks)
Subscriptions in elite publications from around the world.
Tips from fund managers.
Tips and signals from successful traders.
Access to our trading applications.
Comprehensive invoice analysis.
The ability to personalize an account with our broker.
The best trading conditions.
A wide selection of brokers for testing (in the near future)
A wide selection of trading platforms (MT4, MT5, IFXBIT and WebTrader.)
Copying transactions of our asset managers (in development).
A personal advisor "Algorithm on Artificial Intelligence", which will give you recommendations in making decisions (in development)!
Referral program (in development).
Bonus program.
"Smart" discount system.

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We are open for new ideas and big deals!