Token Listing Announcement for NFTRA by

Dear crypto community,

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Utility Token NFTRA by This presents a unique opportunity to join our innovative project and invest in the future of digital payments.

Key features of the NFTRA token:

1. Utility Token: We invite you to participate in the purchase of our Utility Token (NFTRA). This is not just an investment; it's your contribution to the development of a new era of digital finance.

2. Integration into the Fee Payment System: The NFTRA token will be actively used in our system, facilitating and optimizing the fee payment process.

3. Conversion to Security Token: Investors have a unique opportunity to convert NFTRA into a Security Token of our company at a ratio of 100:1, opening up prospects for long-term investment and participation in project development.

4. Limited Issuance: The number of tokens issued is strictly limited to 10,000,000 NFTRA, making them a valuable and rare resource.

5. BEP20 Standard: Our token adheres to the BEP20 standard, ensuring high compatibility and transaction security.


NFTRA Tokenomics:


- Total Token Supply: 10,000,000 NFTRA.

   Token Distribution:

Anchor Investors (FFF): 1,000,000 tokens (10%), 10-month vesting with a 10% monthly release after public sale.

Project Team (Core Team): 1,500,000 tokens (15%), locked for one year.

Private Sale Allocations: 1,500,000 tokens (15%), with a 10%/month release.

Marketing: 2,500,000 tokens (25%), plan for 2-3 years.

Referral Rewards: 500,000 tokens (5%).

Public Sales and Listings on Exchanges: 2,500,000 tokens (25%).

Advisors and External Employees: 500,000 tokens (5%).

 - Initial Price: 1 NFTRA = $1.318

We are confident that the NFTRA token will be a significant step forward for both our project and the entire crypto community. Join us on this exciting journey into the world of digital finance!


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