Cookie Usage Principles

At  (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), we utilize cookies. Through this notice and our Privacy Policy, we adhere to the information obligations stipulated by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council on the protection of individuals concerning data privacy (hereafter referred to as “GDPR”).


Understanding Cookies

Cookies are minute text files utilized by websites to enhance the user experience. While they pose no threat to your computer, cookies play a pivotal role in privacy protection. A website can store visitor-specific information in cookies and progressively deduce the visitor's preferences.

The law mandates that we can store cookies on your device if they are strictly essential for our website's operation. For all other types of cookies, your consent is required. Our website incorporates various cookie types, some of which are set by third-party websites showcased on our platform.


How We Utilize Cookies

Essential Cookies:

These cookies are imperative for the website's optimal functionality, facilitating basic features like site navigation and access to the website's secure areas. Without these cookies, the website might not perform seamlessly.

Analytical and More:

Analytical cookies allow site owners to discern how visitors interact with their websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously. Other cookies tailor the website based on user preferences, ensuring a personalized and engaging user experience.


Consenting to Cookies

By default, most web browsers accept cookies unless configured otherwise. By using our website and adjusting your browser settings, you expressly consent to the storage of not just the essential cookies but others as well.

You possess the freedom to limit or prohibit the usage of these cookies by altering your browser settings. To understand how to modify settings for specific browsers, refer to the subsequent links:

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We commit to erasing the website's cookies no later than the 13th month from their last access date. The overarching tenets of our Privacy Policy and the rights specific to you can be discovered at: Privacy Policy.