Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)


The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI code) is a 20-digit identifier that allows for the unique identification of a legal entity involved in financial transactions. It is defined by the ISO 17442 standard.

Each LEI code contains information about the ownership structure of legal entities, allowing answers to the questions of "who is who" and "who owns whom". Simply put, this public LEI database can be considered an international directory, significantly enhancing transparency in the global market.

Individuals are not required to have an LEI number, but can possess one if they act as a business entity. LEI numbering is global. Data from the LEI register is freely available to all.


E-Tech Invest OÜ - An Estonian company, registered with the Chamber of Commerce:

Commercial Register (Centre of Registers and Information Systems)

Äriregister (Registrite ja Infosüsteemide Keskus)

Estonia RA000181

LEI Code 254900W3VYIB53MZWF16


E-Tech Invest OÜ provides consulting services under the "Nefitra" brand and operates on the website