Trading Rules

Before you start trading the capital of our company, we have to make sure that you can in fact manage the risks. For that reason, we have developed the Trading Goals. By completing the Trading Goals, you prove us that you are a disciplined and profitable trader. Your trading style is completely up to you, we do not set any restrictions on instruments or the size of positions you trade.

$10 000
Initial Capital
$50 000
Initial Capital
$100 000
Initial Capital

Payout system

The payout ratio for all Nefitra traders is 50:50. Thus, all the profit on the account is shared equally between the trader and the project. Traders can request a withdrawal of their share of the profit to their personal InstaForex account at any time. For more details on how to withdraw funds from your InstaForex personal account, visit the link:
Become a Nefitra trader